March 25 2017

Bringing College and Career Readiness to Life

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Who We are

Next Generation Men is an organization built by real teachers dedicated to inspiring young students of color to success through professional exposure, leadership development, community service, and ongoing support.

The Problem

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Only 65% of students of color graduate high school in Georgia.

Historically underserved students often struggle as a result of limited opportunity and support outside of the home. Without high aspirations and high expectations, many of our students are destined to fall back into a cycle of instability while our society loses more potential leaders for the future.

Our Solution

Every student aspires to be what they can see and wishes to become the people they look up to.

Growing up, we all need more support and opportunity than what our families and teachers can provide alone. It takes a village to raise a child – our model expands that village to provide greater opportunity and support for those who need it most.

NGM takes high school cohorts of up to 30 students in Atlanta through a year-long exposure program and curriculum that focuses on empowering them to develop a long-term vision of their future, their career, and their community responsibility.

Career & Real World Exposure

Students are exposed to a variety of careers, social issues, post-secondary opportunities, and the great outdoors.

Service & Support

The cohort participates in service events around the city and mentors younger children at elementary schools within their community.

Leadership Development

Students learn to identify and analyze leaders within the community and will pursue a leadership opportunity of their own.


The men learn tangible skills applicable in the professional world including resume writing, interview simulations, and financial literacy.

We can all play a role in building a village

There are a number of ways you can help NGM.